Welcome to CultureX Beta

Thank you for your interest in CultureX Beta! 

Since 2019, CultureX has been helping some of the best-known companies in the world achieve their people and cultural objectives, working closely with CHROs and other senior leaders. We add demonstrable value, charging ~$100,000 for consulting engagements with a 100% return customer rate. Our research at MIT has been featured in publications like the Economist, the Financial Times, Fortune, and Josh Bersin's writing.

Now, we want to do something different. We want to democratize our state of the art technology and globally recognized thought leadership into an inexpensive, easy to navigate tool that every HR leader loves using, especially you. 

In exchange for your feedback, we will help you achieve your objectives and make sense of your employee comments with the latest technology and thinking from MIT. We will not take up too much of your time, and you can opt out at any time if the beta program does not work out for you. 

We are looking for organizations of all sizes and industries to participate in the beta, and even if you are not a HR professional that is okay-- in fact that is great. The only requirement we have is that you must have employee free text comments that you would like to analyze-- preferably so many comments that you do not know what to do with them!  

If this sounds like a good fit, please fill out this ten minute survey and we can set up a quick call to get you started. After a quick introductory call we will analyze your data, provide results, have another quick discussion with you, and iterate (if necessary, and you would still like to) until we give you something that blows you away.

Please note that we will only be offering this free Beta program in Q4, 2021 and we have a limited number of spots available.  

Check out this one-pager to learn more. We look forward to providing CultureX services to you!

Don and Charlie Sull
Co-Founders, CultureX
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